Lincoln Square & Co is a full-service, boutique consulting firm for the visionary leader. Case Studies 


Through deep strategic thinking and a synergistic approach, we unlock your organization’s true potential, so you can redefine what’s possible.

Our Philosophy


Build a strategic plan

Optimize my operations

Foster a thriving company culture

Create a brand identity

Accelerate your sales & marketing

Achieve a merger or acquisition

Develop an investment strategy

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We work with relentless leaders in pursuit of real impact

At Lincoln Square & Co., we delve beyond surface-level symptoms into the heart of your organization, diagnose the real problems holding you back, and face them head-on.

About Us

“Yisrael doesn't just consult – he gets involved.

“I've seen him in the field, bringing in clients and showing through actions, not just words, the value he brings. He's even stepped in in ways that go above and beyond his contract. If you're considering working with him, don't hesitate. The investment is worthwhile, and the returns are real.”

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“Yisrael's involvement led to a substantial 10-20% increase in donations year over year.

“Financial growth was a critical aspect of our operations, and Yisrael was pivotal in our fundraising success. As a young founder, asking for large donations was daunting, but Yisrael's guidance and strategic planning made the process less intimidating and more productive.”

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