Expanding Reach & Revenue in a Niche Market:  How an Established Company Saw Substantial Increase in ARR

“We run a niche tax credit processing firm and for the longest time, we didn't think we needed a sales team or marketing. Yisrael changed that perspective. He not only helped me see the opportunities we were missing but also walked us through the process of building a marketing team and bringing on new clients. His straight-talking, no-nonsense approach is refreshing. I appreciate his candor and his commitment to delivering on his promises.”

The Challenge

When LS&C. began working with Tax Opportunities of America (TOA), it was an established company with a commendable track record. The firm, seven years old at the time, had been processing a considerable number of tax credits for companies. However, despite their success, they were facing challenges in their sales and onboarding processes and wanted to tap into larger conglomerates to increase their client base.

  • Revamping Sales and Onboarding Processes

    LS&C. started by taking a closer look at TOA's sales and onboarding processes. After a detailed analysis, several areas of improvement were identified . LS&C built a streamlined, more efficient sales process that allowed the company to engage potential clients more effectively and close deals more quickly. The improved onboarding process ensured a smooth and pleasant experience for new clients, leading to increased client satisfaction and retention.

  • Expanding Client Reach

    The next step was to develop a strategy that allowed TOA to close deals with larger conglomerates, which would let them onboard multiple clients in a single transaction. This approach saved them the time and effort of closing individual deals and accelerated their client acquisition rate.

“Yisrael worked with us to hash out operational processes and find ways to do things more efficiently and at scale. And his impact is evident – we've seen an increase of tens of nursing homes signing on with us. This wasn't just a one-off boost – it's residual, so the benefits continue to accrue.”

The Results

LS&C.’s solutions had a profound impact on TOA. The company managed to bring in between 40 to 45 new clients, a significant uptick from their previous client acquisition rate. This was primarily due to the improved sales process and the strategy of targeting larger conglomerates. 

“Yisrael is a remarkable communicator who always tells it like it is. He's the kind of consultant who holds your hand and walks you through every step of the process, making sure every 'i' is dotted and every 't' is crossed. His involvement with my company led to significant growth in our client base and revenue.” — Michael Rennert, Partner & CEO

The Future

Tax Opportunities of America is on a trajectory of continued growth, taking in more clients and consistently improving its processes and client acquisition strategies. Lincoln Square & Co. continues to work closely with the TOA team, ensuring its sales and onboarding processes remain efficient and exploring new avenues for client acquisition.

“Yisrael doesn't just consult – he gets involved.

I've seen him in the field, bringing in clients and showing through actions, not just words, the value he brings. He's even stepped in in ways that go above and beyond his contract. If you're considering working with him, don't hesitate. The investment is worthwhile, and the returns are real.

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