Meaningful Growth: Scaling a Start-up into a Thriving Content Brand with 50K Social Media Followers

“In my experience, a good consultant needs to bring more than just expertise – they need to bring energy and commitment.

Yisrael has been exemplary in that respect. His enthusiasm and positivity infused our team meetings, driving us to push boundaries and explore new ideas. His investment in our success went beyond his role, working late nights and early mornings to ensure we were heading in the right direction.”

The Challenge

Meaningful Minute began as the brainchild of Nachi Gordon, a passionate founder armed with a vision and two part-time video editors. While the team had managed to grow a large audience of individuals receiving one-minute clips daily featuring Jewish speakers and educators and to create an app the uptake was slower than anticipated, and their content production remained limited. As a burgeoning digital media entity, it struggled with a lack of back office structure, strategic direction, and the manpower to fuel its growth ambitions.

LS&C.’s challenge lay in transforming Meaningful Minute from a start-up to a robust, self-sustaining organization with a diverse content portfolio.

The Solution

  • Building a Dedicated Team

    The first step in our journey was expanding our team from no full-time employees to a diversified workforce of seven professionals. We brought on board a COO to streamline daily operations, added content creators to enhance our content output, and enlisted additional video editors to optimize production. We also established a financial team, including a bookkeeper, whom we successfully identified, recruited, and integrated into the organization.

  • Developing a Strategic Growth Framework

    To drive Meaningful Minute’s organizational growth, LS&C. crafted a comprehensive strategy, prioritizing multiple streams of revenue and introducing diverse forms of content. This strategic planning extended to developing and executing several podcasts, which significantly broadened Meaningful Minute’s content offering. Meaningful Minute also introduced a dedicated media director role to oversee these new initiatives, ensuring consistent quality across our burgeoning content landscape.

  • Implementing a Robust Fundraising System

    Recognizing the crucial role of financial growth, LS&C. designed a fundraising strategy and system. This approach included new fundraising ideas, tracking mechanisms, and upkeep, ensuring that Meaningful Minute had the financial backing to support its expansion.

“Yisrael was instrumental in building out our team.

He not only helped us to identify key roles needed but was also hands-on in finding the right people and getting them on board. In every situation where I was on the verge of making a hasty decision, Yisrael provided his frank insights, steering us clear of potential pitfalls. His contributions were key in our growth from a two-man operation to a dynamic team of six.”

The Result

The combination of these changes had a profound impact on the organization:

As a result of these strategic and operational changes over 24 months, the company’s revenue grew by 40% year-over-year. They’ve also added more than 20,000 followers on social media.  The Meaningful Minute team evolved from a small group with no full-time employees to a well-structured and fully dedicated team driving the organization's growth.

“Financial growth was a critical aspect of our operations, and Yisrael was pivotal in our fundraising success.

As a young founder, asking for large donations was daunting, but Yisrael's guidance and strategic planning made the process less intimidating and more productive. His involvement led to a substantial 10-20% increase in donations year over year.”

The Future

Through the passion of its founder and the strategic growth initiatives implemented, Meaningful Minute has successfully evolved from a small start-up to a thriving digital media organization.

Meaningful Minute is not merely growing. It's continually innovating, diversifying its content offering, and increasing its impact on a global scale.

The journey exemplifies the power of a strategic growth plan and a dedicated team in enabling a fledgling start-up to flourish into a self-sustaining organization. 

“Yisrael's work doesn’t start and end with what his contract says.

He continually thinks about ways he can help, even outside of official working hours. His consultancy feels less like a service and more like a partnership, where he’s deeply invested in our success. If you're considering working with him, give it a shot. It will only do good for your organization.”

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