Powering Global Good: How a volunteer-run start-up with a $50K budget grew into a $6M nonprofit organization

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The Challenge

Daily Giving started as a small non-profit start-up with a big vision: to enable every Jew to easily give charity every day—and disburse those funds to charities around the world. When we began working with the organization, there were no full-time employees. Their operations were mainly shouldered by its passionate founder, working during his spare hours. Even still, the organization managed to disburse an admirable $1.5 million in funds annually to Jewish organizations around the world.

Yet, Daily Giving was struggling to grow beyond its initial scope, lacking the structured board, professional development, and strategic framework needed to take it to the next level. The task was clear: to create a solid foundation and sustainable growth strategies that would enable the nonprofit to increase its impact significantly.

  • Refreshing the Organization’s Brand Image

    Next, recognizing the power of a strong and congruent brand image, we undertook a complete rebranding of Daily Giving. This effort helped us better align with our mission and the needs of our global beneficiaries, serving as a powerful platform for our expansion. 

  • Building the Right Team

    Our first order of business was to assemble the right team. We strategically built out a dedicated group of professionals, beginning with the appointment of a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) to manage the organization's daily operations. We added depth to the team with a full-fledged marketing department to ensure our messaging resonated with our global audience. We also onboarded a legal team to oversee third-party audits, financials, and legal aspects of the organization.

  • Instilling Trust with a Board of Trustees

    To bolster credibility and donor confidence, we brought on a Board of Trustees. Notably, we secured the commitment of Torgo, the President of Agudah, adding significant experience and influence to our Board. The establishment of this structured board fostered trust and encouraged further stakeholder buy-in.

  • Restructuring for Success

    Beyond team and branding, the organization underwent a crucial restructuring. We developed and implemented growth strategies that included global expansion, community involvement, and large-scale fundraising initiatives. These strategies laid the groundwork for Daily Giving's rapid growth.

The Result

The combination of these changes had a profound impact on the organization:

Within less than 24 months, Daily Giving's disbursements grew by an impressive 4.5 times, now disbursing approximately $5.5 million annually, with projections moving ever closer to the $6 million mark. 

In a remarkable achievement, Daily Giving broke the $10 million mark in all-time gifts, showcasing the substantial growth and impact the organization has achieved throughout its history.

Moreover, the budget for the organization took a leap from a humble $30,000 a year to a hefty $1.34 million, evidence of the enormous strides Daily Giving had made in such a short period.

As the Vice President of Daily Giving, Yisrael Abisror continues to oversee the organization’s growth strategies and fundraising efforts, aiming higher and striving to make even more significant impacts in the lives of the communities Daily Giving serves.

The Future

Through sheer dedication, strategic planning, and the establishment of key operational roles, Daily Giving has morphed from an ambitious idea into a reality. It's no longer a startup finding its footing —it's a flourishing nonprofit ready to make a sustained global impact.

The story of Daily Giving demonstrates that with the right leadership, vision, and team, a small startup can transform into a significant force for good, impacting millions of lives globally.

Daily Giving has not only arrived – it's here to stay, primed to make an enduring impact in the world of Jewish philanthropy.

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